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We manage your business’ social media acounts with the techniques of brand management and reach your target audience, globally.

We’ve specialised in social media and public relations management  for hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc.

Our mission is to create high impact on social media and keep it affordable for small and medium sized companies.

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Our Services


available worldwide

1. Brand Identity Analysis
2. Target Audience Analysis
3. Strategy Development
4. Determining which social media platforms to be used for the particular brand
5. Photo shooting:
  • will be done by our professional team
  • reflects the particular brand’s identity properly
  • is optimised for social media platforms
  • no extra cost
6. Determining the most suitable hashtags

7. Communicating with the target audience by reposting and liking their photos
8. Managing the positive and negative reviews
9.  Posting at the right time
10. Planning bloggers and instagram influencers events
11. Creating unique graphics for the special days like holidays, valentines etc.
12.  Posting once a day
13.  Reporting on a monthly basis



for now, available only in Turkey


Brand Agents, offers comprehensive consulting services in areas such as marketing activities, media communications, branding and promotion strategies in accordance with the brand strategy and objectives.

Strategic Approach

We give you the support of the strategies to be followed in order to reflect brands/trademarks’ activities carried out within the market in the most accurate way and widely.

Crisis Management

We follow up the situation and take precautions in terms of dealing with the media and we help with the determination of the preferential channel to be used for messages to be transmitted to the public.

Media Relations

We provide the most accurate and effective corporate message to the written and visual media on behalf of clients on the basis of media communication strategies. We organize press conferences when needed. We develop creative ideas, creative content, press releases, prepare and distribute files to all media.

Media reports are provided regularly.

Activity Management

We create conceptual ideas for our clients’ events and budgets about it and prepare the relevant action plans. We provide the realization of the approved plan in an efficient manner; make the necessary monitoring and reporting procedures.





Firat Saka

Gokhan Balyemez

Who We Are


Bahcesehir University,

Graduate of American Culture and Literature & Film and Tv

Saka, has led several founding teams of Turkey's leading online retail sites. He gained experince on online sales of over 200 international brands from various sectors and how they should be represented online to increase sales.



Istanbul University,

Graduate of Economics


Balyemez, has learned much about marketing during his first job at Unilever for 7 years. He worked as a marketing manager and a marketing and sales director at several multinational companies. In the last 10 years of his professional career, he worked as a general manager.

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